Sunday, September 30, 2007

in rome:: just like in roman holidays

birthplace of fashion, cuisine and toga party, the roman empire may have fallen centuries ago, yet the capital city retains a special magical aura incomparable to others! Two days was simply insufficient to enjoy each of the attractions! (mainly cos of the crowds waiting outside each of the famous attractions..)

My favorite of all attractions - Trevi Fountain! it was more beautiful at night and i forgot how many coins Judy told me to toss so i just tossed one - for good luck that i will return to Rome another day!!

At the steps ourside Temple of Venus and Roma.. as the saying goes, when in Rome, do as the Romans do: Wear Open Toe Footwear!! so i follow suit. but alas! i was the ONLY person in flipflops.. weird!

Tomb of Pope Julius II by Michelangelo inBasilica of San Pietro in CInvoli,  commissioned by the pope during his lifetime. The centerpiece of the tomb is the powerful majstic figure of moses..

Me avidly reading the story of Forum of Julius Caesar.. *un-glam moment*

141 saints of the Vatican City with Saint Martin looking quite the grumpiest one standing..

 Daddy, i like my birthday present. THANKS!! love the little cars in Italy!

or a pink scooter is fine as well! =)

view from inside the Pantheon!

Wanted to run down the Spanish Steps like Audrey Hepburn in Roman Holiday but that would require me tripping and running over 100s of tired travellers! =)

love those teeny squishy streets brimming with little stores selling vintage wares, gelato, pretty paper and beautiful shoes!!

fountain of Triton..

italian cappucinos are stupendo!!! and the gelatos are wonderful!! all the weirdest flavor taste magical balanced on a simple sugar cone!

Lazienki : Central Park of Warsaw..

Decided to spend Day #4 in Poland in a peaceful nature. so we picked this sunny afternoon to explore Lazienki: pronounce it as "Wer- Jen- Kee.." (fast) and directly translated as "bathrooms"! the park is nothing weird like its name and no, bathrooms were far and few.. *grumbles*

but that aside, it is a beautiful park with many sculptures and memorials, greenery and peace. we spent the entire afternoon frolicking in the park with drinks and waffles in hand like a bunch of school kids... had a elderly lady follow me around for a while while i was frantically snapping pictures with every rock in my path (like i always do..). came up to us after a long while and spoke to me in polish (subsequently translated) that im very beautiful and she likes the way i dress!!! must be the bright pink hat. which was lovingly knitted by my IT traning manager, Diana Knight back in Kingsmill! =) awww.. such a sweetie... anywhos, i'll let the pictures do the talking!

narazie *waves* im off to eat (yes again!!) my pierogies! =)

crazy things judy kim sets her eyes on..

im not the best judge but ain't this the craziest camera stand??

credits: MOMA, NYC

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

The Simple Life: Farm life!

One of the best part about travelling is when you have friends from the country you are visiting and then you get a true taste of daily life! as compared to doing touristy things and hotel food  everyday, you get home cooked food, visit food markets, ride around town and explore every nook and cranny you wouldn't see otherwise! i like!

on sunday, we visited Marcin's granny's farm! 2 hours away from Warsaw..

pig mummy! looking pretty forlorn! They are used primarily for birthing and nursing babies, not bacon!

tiny piglets that were soooo cute! making little oinks and squeaks..

so many chickens running amok!

fresh eggs every day as well...

eating sunflower seeds from the flower itself!!

Yummos!! =) i kept walking back to that part of the garden! there was also an entire strip of forest behind the yard which belonged to the family with mushrooms, blackberries, raspberries and strawberries to pick when in season!! the walk was like a trip into the Enchanted Forest from Enid Blyton stories!!!

naptime for one lazy chicken! thought it was hilarious they all sit on a wooden plank in a row and sleep! so awkward!!

Grandma gave us more sunflowers to bring home cos i liked it so much! *embarrassed*

more farm-grown produce to bring home!!

and took a long & bumpy ride on the scooter with Piotrek(Peter in polish) which was hilariously exhilarating! no one believed it when i volunteered to jump on the scooter in my skirt! maybe im still that tom boy at heart! and guess what we had for dinner??? PORK CHOPS AND CHICKEN!!! haha.. so ironic! but it was the yummiest homemade dinner i've had in a while! (and the quietest as well.. everyone was conversing in polish!)

and thanks to Piotrus for being the trusty driver while i was napping the entire way to the farm! twas a different travel story! and certainly one that i would remember for life!

thank you, my lucky stars...

hurray!! im the luckiest girl alive! ok, maybe luck didn't play that big a factor in this situation but i sure feel like it did! =)

yesterday, got an email from the HR of prestigious local hotel for a phone interview and i was cursing my worth in all languages because im currently on the move daily and have no permanent contact number. went through the whole hoo-hah with dad & dick about cancelling my rome trip, purchasing a cell phone and at the same time feeling bad that i am not able to jump right at that opportunity... what if they think I'm playing hard to get? what if they pick someone else? many "what if???"s were playing through my head..

and at the unearthly hours of 5:30am i was awake to check my emails and found out that she was kind enough to offer to have a walk-in interview after i come back to singapore..

*jumps* woohoo!

score!!! im a happy bunny today!

Sunday, September 23, 2007

the witching hour..

3am. the clock strikes three and jet lag sets in.. darnit! this is already day 3 and im still living life the US time!! and judy, tell me again its not old age setting in??

and her smart remedy to the solution " sleep when its time to sleep, and wake up when its time to wake up " thanks man. thats really helps!

thought this picture was hilarious! me getting my look together and her, obviously not thrilled...

thank you babe.. for 2 years worth of wonderful gifts, lovely memories and countless vacations and day trips we that we spontaneously took together! living with you is as fun as it sounds. it was a never-ending slumber party filled with long movies, silent internet surfing surmounting in horrendous online shopping sprees and cooking sessions!! i wish i could write down every great advice, silly moment and joke we shared but i guess no need for that, cos i will remember!! hopefully NYC was not the last trip cos we still have many unexplored territories to leave our marks!!

hahah... last friday in JFK airport both of us hiding on either sides of Marcin yelling "tell her to stop crying.." silly gooses! =) i know it was a 'seeya later, alligator' but i just felt at a loss because you will be so faraway.

thanks for loving me the way i am, flawed, lazy and fickle-minded! you have certainly left a mark in my life in the same way i hope i have in yours as well..

till next year, my best friend! *hugs*

current location: warsaw

rich culture, cute little towns, wonderful friends and heaps of delicious food!!

*waves bye to my tiny clothes...*

spending the weekend in a little farm-village 2 hours away from warsaw!!

Friday, September 21, 2007

pictures from NY..

from top down, left to right:

i) me with silly gummydrop man in Toys'R'us
ii) me & judyroos at Tiff. (the bags said it all..)
iii) camwhoring at central park
iv) yummy italian treat at Vento (set in the middle of trendy meatpacking district)
v) fun & devillicious cookies from Essie (Chelsea Market)
vi) beautiful skyline.. the entire city is an art, talk about art. me and judy missed the MOMA AGAIN!!!
vii) more treats from Essie... so picture perfect it felt awful savoring it
viii) who ate empire state building!!

also not illustrated in visually exciting pictures,
a) watching RENT with the original cast.. i was completely blown away at the quality of performance!! WOW!
b) staten ferry ride
c) chilling and doing the sillies in brooklyn.

thanks alex again for having us stacked on top of each other (literally!) in your apartment. just cos we have not seen the MOMA again for the third time, i guess it won't be our last visit! muahh...

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

this afternoon...

i did absolutely nothing but roll in the grass (literally). and i quite liked it.

central park is amazing. its a sanctuary away from the crazy city! i really have grown to appreciate the quietness in the hustle bustle of city-life. the me 4 years ago will not let a second pass without rushing into stores trying to buy everything down to the very last tube of lip gloss.

im awfully proud of myself. this is the first trip in a while where shopping is not the priority. *beams*

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

shopping in bergdorf goodman...

Z: oooo i like!
M: *raises eyebrows* nice. how much?
Z: $870.
m: *stunned* seriously??
Z: *roll eyes and models around in the sexy-like-beckham loubs for a couple more minutes..*
M: does it do laundry or what?!?
Z: (thinking) What in the world???
M: i mean.. at that price, it has to do more that, right?

couldn't help cracking up.
one of those smack the forehead moments..
*tsk*... boys!

Monday, September 17, 2007

NYC again..

quick holla from the big apple!! i love the city! there is always something new to uncover and new areas to explore.

We briefly covered the Financial district, Soho and Chinatown. it was the Feast of  San Gennaro festival yesterday, filled with little stores with fun carnival food, games and tall drinks!! it was a back to childhood experience, squishing through the crowd with my candied strawberries!!

oh! and my watercress soup had a spider inside.. DISGUSTING!

Thursday, September 13, 2007


facebook addiction.
'nuff said!!

love it!


i bought it at sephora in miami on our "pick your own fun" night. i have read about it a couple times in magazines and it sounded fun to use!! think deo-stick with color! i always had fears that it will end up being too bright and streakish but the sales assistant assure me its worth a try! and true to her words, its as pretty as its easy to use! just smudge it across the apple of your cheeks lightly and use your fingers to even it out.. kinda like finger painting only more fun and the light tinge of pink stays througout the day even in the sun!!! and best part is a smell, it smells like raspberry, almost edible even!

waking up a-la-american mode..

also reads the"too many calories" way but seriously, how many mornings can i wake up and have steph's lovely company, starbucks and krispy kreme fresh only a mere 5 mins away from each other??

sleepy-eyed cubicle buddies enjoying early morning venti cappucinos and some time pouring over my scrapbook..subsequently getting teary-eyed over what some people wrote but since we weren't dressed to impress in the first place and no runny mascaras to worry about, who cares about a little boohoo over breakfast!!

girlie, nab the ring and i'll have an excuse to fly back to attend your wedding! =)

*whoops in joy*

how cute are the football shaped ones!?! ( the college football season started so they are having limited edition ones)

sinking my teeth into pure bliss...

on a more serious note, if anyone opens a KK in singapore, i promise i will buy so many that it will pay for your kids' college education.. ok im exagerrating!!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007


we were just talking over cocktails last night how it stinks that im going to miss fall.. in my opinion, its the prettiest time of the year... everything changes into hues of fiery reds, warm ambers and deep oaky browns. last year at the time, we took a long drive down the bendy roads of blue ride mountains to see the leaves turn orange. it was the most breathtakingly beautiful sight ever.

and i'll miss wearing jeans with cosy sweater and boots.. and my house smelling like spicy pumpkin scents!! (like it always does around halloween..) had to pry myself away from the candy aisle in target yesterday before i buy myself a pound of halloween candy cos there won't be any trick or treaters at my doorstep this year...

this morning when i woke up and the weather was so pretty. gone was the summer heat waves there was beautiful blue sky and cool breeze with the sun. peeked out of the window and MY tree has one bright red leaf in sight. as if to say "thats for you!"

Monday, September 10, 2007

last week...

completely forgot about these pictures from last week's party! my going away party at stef's new place! in the hampton(s)!!

we had burgers and hotdogs, and grilled out on a little bud grille and had all sorts of party food and of course beer pong to end the evening. stef & daddy has (4) kitty cats, (2) huge dogs and (1) fishy! it was a zoo.. and lotsa fun. the festivities went on till 2am in the morning... no incriminating pictures of the not-so-young & wild..

this is marlin! who wasn't very thrilled to get his picture taken!

lorreine & koko's fabulous crab & mushroom balls!

me, lorreine & stef in her backyard

mommy finding momy's new hairdo a great place to file nails!

wool-less see!

she's gonna hate me for posting this picture! told her to give me an innocent lil gal look...

as the evening proceeded, the dog house doubled up as a beer bin.

koko & zhing...

absent from pictures, jodi, mike, amos, jessie & katherine who arrived after the camera died on me... too much fun!!!