Saturday, July 23, 2016

two years....

the weirdest thing happened over breakfast! we were on a morning prata date (thank you mom!) and felt really nice that we were finding new things around the hood even after so long. then excitedly told D "we've been in this house for about two years huh!"

then came the usual scramble for dates (we are terrible with dates and anniversaries...) and i traced an old email from me to the management office informing them that we were moving in on the 23 JULY 2014!!! exactly this day, two years ago!!!

my lord! how's that for intuition!! 

but two years in our favorite apartment to date! ticks all the boxes that we love and the longest we've been in any place together!! and our first combined home. we still love the apartment, the view, the breeze and everyday spent in here feels like eternal vacation!!! 

we know we might out grow this place soon but till then, it will always have a special spot in our hearts!

celebration all day for the second birthday of our little home!!


Tuesday, July 12, 2016

oxford natural history museum

since the natural history museum was such a hit in london, we thought to check out the one in oxford! i was smaller but the perfect for blake to run around and explore!

they had a bee exhibition at that time and it was perfect because he was curious about the insects and climbed everywhere admiring the bees buzzing around in their bees nest (even thought it creeps me out A LOT). 

if we lived in the UK, i can totally see spending a lot of time in the museum! such an easy way to spend the morning!

after we came home, he started reading up on dinosaurs and now wants to know who everyone is. yikes! mom's life the real deal! i only knew three but now, my dino-cabulary has expanded exponentially. 

maybe one day, bubs! :) 

and he wanted to take a picture in front of this pink house he loved....

"one day i will buy this house and you can come live with me".

ok child, i'll hold you to it!! haha!

i loved exploring oxford this time around! maybe because im at a different stage in my life and i feel differently about most things! definitely enjoyed it a lot more than the past few visit where oxford was only a little town my brother lived in!! 

wished we had more time in oxford but after the wedding, we headed off on a train to paris! till the next time, UK! :) I'm sure we will meet again!


Monday, July 11, 2016

out and about - oxford

we especially enjoyed running around oxford with family!

here's the bride with her hands full!! so nice that the kiddos got along together beautifully and blake, as always, was keen to hang out with his new friends!

and tonnes of large spaces for them to run around! 

he was majorly enamored by Nora's niece Mairead! whatever she was doing, he wanted to follow!! consider that fair warning, that's the kind of dude he will become when he starts properly dating! 

the wedding couple arranged for everyone to go punting! which was good fun (considering i didn't have to do much work!)

beautiful day to be out having a breath of fresh air. we punted down the river to a pub, thought to grab food but realized that they had a massive wait so we headed back to town! thankfully the sun sets late in summer so we had more time to sort dinner out!

cosying up to Tom! blake was in good hands all weekend! 

bumping into the groom on wedding morning!! too much cheekiness in this shot! 


Friday, July 8, 2016

wedding shenanigans...

once we got to oxford, it was FULL ON FAMILY time. everyone had arrived. everyone wanted a little bit of time. and all we wanted to do is stick together. hahah!!

but i tell you, that little guy on the right had the most fun. he wanted to be stuck to his new pals every minute of the day. so we hardly saw him! hahahaha... best case scenario!

at wedding rehearsal! went great! 

bunny boo basking in all that attention.

my folks at their son's wedding. i think we'd be as proud too when its B's turn! 

gorgeous venue for a wedding!

i mean... look at that! serious wedding venue envy! 

it also struck me that weddings are the only time everyone gets together. especially for weddings across continents and with everyone living across the globe, i feel that its even more rare and more precious that you have everyone hanging out together. we were there cos we really wanted to be and im sure the wedding couple felt how enthusiastic everyone was as well. 

every event they planned was bursting with familiar faces with equivalent enthusiasm! so much love going around! weddings are such a blessing to have and such a great opportunity to unite families. 

i think i might have teared up a few too many times that weekend haha! my brother is growing up! 


Thursday, July 7, 2016

hello three and a bit...

ten things about the three-and-a-half you - 

one - you are one sensitive little dude. you tear up watching documentaries and sad parts of the movies. or when you hear about sad stories around us. we love that about you. 

two - quick to respond to injustice. you jump at any chance to point out when something is unfair, just like your dad. there's nothing that gets you more riled up than unjust behavior. problem is, you also have your mom's fiery temper and we try to catch you and help you process your thoughts before you go around destroying the world.

three - your besties... lexi and colette. your girlfriend... emerald. 

four - favorite color is PINK

five - not confrontational. hates it when you can sense tension (in the way i talk) or when i start furrowing my brows, you'll start snuggling up. most times, its your fault. sometimes, not. 

six - loves your popo. nothing incentivizes you more than visiting your popo's house. i love that too! popo's house brings me much joy as well! 

seven - loves sweet food, junk, man food (bacon, salami, chippies...) and not so much veggies. thankfully you eat them in school but when given a choice, never a salad bar. 

eight - chatty. so chatty. and mostly annoying but occasionally amusing. 

nine - favorite place Amsterdam and Copenhagen. 

ten - enjoys swimming, soccer and ballet every week. wants to pick up rock climbing, flips on trampoline, tumbling, music (violin specifically) and martial arts (fighting) - and NO, we won't be doing all of that. 

love you bunny! even though you finish my almond croissant leaving me crumbs and icing sugared mess to clean up!