Friday, May 13, 2016

Inspiration for bub's room

we got him a loft bed a while back (see top left) but the loft bit's been in storage so he sleeps on the regular bed bit. unsure when it would be a good time for him to move into bigger boy bed but it would be nice to have some extra space for toy storage! 

maybe i'll give it a couple months until he stops coming out in the middle of the night to use the bathroom!! probably a little safer then!! 

in the meantime, free reign to shop for room accessories to fill his happy space!! yayy!


Thursday, May 12, 2016

my cousin's wedding...

it's that age that all my baby cousins are getting married! it's so incredibly cute and sweet to see them all grown up. very little of how they were as kiddies... and unfortunately, our family is spread around the world so when we do get to see them, its incredibly precious!

i attended the wedding solo initially but when a seat opened up, my aunt told me to call D who was baby-sitting to suit up! and they both arrived 20 mins later. not too bad!! :) 

B was wearing a summer suit but it was too warm to keep it on! and behind him is all the DIY the sister of the bride made. Let me rave about her a little! I thought everything was booked from the venue and was impressed because i thought the venue (on Mt Faber) must have pulled up their socks!! but they were all conceptualized and worked on by her with a rather modest budget! 

She did fantastic with a tale to tell! Those wood stumps, used for propping centerpieces are chopped from their yard. and after the wedding, she'd organized people to come pick up their decor, selling it to them second-hand! SO SO amazing!!! i wished i bought a few of those stumps!! such a cute story!

us and the ladies in our family!

and being our first wedding with B in tow, we were quick shocked. absolutely no fuss and we didn't even have to whisk out technology! so brilliant. we'd told him that we would not be bringing him on walks (because it was too warm) so he walked around after lunch hunting down unsuspecting guests who looked like they would take him and off he went! :)

happy engagement and ROM , kai and qian! :) we can't wait to celebrate your wedding with you!! 


Tuesday, May 10, 2016

where i'd rather be...

sitting here in my living room after i tucked the little one into bed after a massively long day. one of those sort where you ticked everything off your list and a bit more but you are left feeling hungry (my current "diet") and somewhat unsatisfied wishing you did better, or spent more time with who matters... or something...


anyway that might just be a good things to be brewing this massive storm before a superbly awesome break!! 

doesn't his place look like heaven? adeline klam in paris

im going to pop in and see if we can crash a craft party or two! i just happen to have the best company in town! whoop whoop!!!

going to grab a drink and snuggle in bed! that should solve all woes! 


Friday, May 6, 2016

our littlest :: three and half

our blakieboo, the love and bane of our existence. he can be such a delight one day and wake up the next morning in a funk and be the hugest pain in the behind. 

but i used to log his progress a lot more!! so see if i can give it a go! 

:: five things about this silly beans :: 

one - competitive. SO SO competitive. if we came up with any dumb competition (for example who can change the fastest), and he lost, he would be THE MOST upset. true story. its great because its super easy to motivate him to do things. but at the same time, being a good sport really isn't his forte. 

two - active. he is definitely not a lazy bone this child. if we're walking somewhere, he would be so far ahead (barely in sight) and then do little shuttle runs to and from to rush us to catch up. it's worse on the bike or scooter. i no longer try to catch up with him. 

three - his schedule is mad! he's keen to learn any and everything. we have our week days filled with extra activities. and on his waitlist is violin, ice skating, trampoline park (learning flips and tricks) and piano. 

four - "big little guy". that's his name for himself these days. he doesn't want to lose the status of little guy because he occasionally needs help with reaching things or when he gets stuck changing. but at the same time being "big" is such a big deal. always in a hurry to grow up. 

five - negotiation WIN! im not sure if this is a me or a D trait but if there's one thing he's great at. its negotiation. very sharp. very ballsy and definitely has his negotiation tactics down pat. 

just typing that made me love him a bit more. hah! i intentionally eliminated his recent discovery of "whingey voice" (YUCK!) or his aversion to anything green in his food. but in all, a lovely and easy child to bring around. and somehow manages to breeze through life without much drama. 

love you, bunnykins! can't wait to see europe with you again! :) 


Wednesday, May 4, 2016

wander around arab street area...

i spend a lot of time feeling bored with the options we have in singapore. when actually im mostly to be blamed! because i keep going back to the same old places, eating the same old (comfort) food.... so how can i blame anyone when its "nothing new" right?

the other day when ni hao new york  was in town, we caught up in the arab quarters hoping to score some local food and a little walk about. and chanced upon scene shang - filled with drool worthy furniture pieces i wished i saw before we got boring ass furniture!!!

and that stool that i NEED in my life....

and then right next door, supermama's flagship store was the answer to all my dreams!! so so neat and i wanted to pick up one of everything. cos y'know... need to have in my life!

but scored a few of these merlion chouchous instead!! can't decide if its worth the splurge to get the massive one for blakie!! cos hugging a merlion to sleep in singapore is like wearing statue of liberty costume to school in NYC. or like wearing a sushi in tokyo. 

oh wait.. we've done that.. 

but even though not superbly successful on the shopping front, we had a lovely afternoon after popping into wonderland cafe! super inspired by their interior and yummy treats! then i had to run off to pick blake up from school for one thing or another.