Tuesday, September 23, 2014

these guys make me laugh...

if you haven't seen... monica ramos's illustrations are just as darling!


Thursday, September 18, 2014

we are on vacation! :)

naturally before every vacation, we'd have to deal with an emergency visit to doctors for our boys and some pre-vacay drama! no matter how well prepped we are, there is always a little bit of that... i reckon its their way of making sure that we REALLY appreciate a break!!

but yayyy! off on a jetplane!!

see you guys when we're back!!


Wednesday, September 17, 2014

our littlest :: a month shy of two...

our silly little pumpkin is turning two in a month! 

we still don't have birthday plans for him. we thought about traveling.. but he wants to be around for his birthday party in school. (he's been waiting forever!) so we'll have to figure it out somehow!! 

if this is how life is headed, i'm super excited! i could sit and gush all day about him. but here are a few things we love about our little guy. 

- he's very sensitive. doesn't like people falling sick. if anyone has a booboo, he needs to go make them feel better. and if he gets to a part of the story that he doesn't like (like when elsa froze her sister), he will stop you and make you retell the tale! lol

- he's inherited my enthusiasm for gifting. on our way out to grandma's funeral, he was fumbling around because he wanted to bring a pressie for "ah dou". he finally picked a home-made pink butterfly from styrofoam keeper. it was one bright spark on a particularly gloomy day....

- he's a funny boy. his sense of humor is through the roofs. he is always up to no good and will break into a song (usually happy birthday) or a squiggley dance if he thinks you're looking sad. 

- he's chattybums. for real. and he has the most process drive train of thought. just like his dad. its pretty cute to hear him itemize what he needs to do to achieve his desired outcome (95% to do with food in his tummy). 

- he's greedyguts. for real. big time. 

- he's sharp. and has mastered the art of negotiation. his dad is rather pleased.

we're not quite sticklers for report cards. i like laughing about how much he ate or who his latest bff are but don't usually pay attention to what they're learning, write a thesis for his teacher or his developmental milestones (we all get there don't we?) but one report that made me all gooey inside was very short. "blake is very loved by us teachers." 

simple. sweet. and pretty much all you need in life.

we love you too, pumpkin!


Monday, September 15, 2014

icecream and sprinkles ...

we've been fussing around all week to prep for our birthday parties! call that a desperate need for some pink in our lives.. we went ALL GIRLIE for these year's party!! sprinkles, cupcakes, confetti and icecream!! and tonnes of our favorite girlies!! 

so pink!!! we were scrambling to get the party set up because we spent too long lounging around in the apartment (and playing with babies) so didn't get any professional pictures taken! but we were blessed with the best weather. it was so breezy we had balloons flying in all directions!

my big boy in his nap clothes and ahem my icecream pinata!! loves!!!

gah! cuteness everywhere!!

fairy gumdrops! pretty sure blake ate half of this bowl! 

an unflattering but super happy picture of us both! 

love you babe! its awesome turning 20 with you!! :) let's do it again next year!! 


our little yogurt face...

mornings are the most precious pocket of time we have with blake. he's always in a chirpy mood, hilariously starved, wide-eyed bushy tailed and doles out the best hugs. he's eager to please, chatty and wants to be involved with everything we are up to. 

we usually chuck him on his own on the balcony with the hardest to tackle snack (so it takes him a longer time) to buy us some time. so just the other morning, i noticed at the corner of my eye, blake watching us rush about getting organized, filling his school bag, getting breakfast made, getting dressed and can't help but feel like what he really wanted was for us to sit and have yogurt and start the day slow with him... 

so we did. and things got done eventually... but it was really a much nicer start to our day. guess gotta remember that yogurt faces only stays little for this long! 
i can't wait to see you tomorrow morning, muffin!!