Friday, May 22, 2015

off vacationing...

we're away on our getaway exploring a little bit more of europe! initially thought that by now, we'd be rather sick of europe and be ready to jump right back into our regular life back into the heat. but it's charm has sucked us in big time and we've obviously been having too much fun! 

b's most pleased with his jetsetting life and looks forward to hearing his itinerary and how we get to places. he's all about the planes, trains and buses these days!! d is excited to explore copenhagen and im particularly looking forward to busting out my new summer sandals (been living in rainboots and tennis shoes) in barcelona with our pals! so safe to say, we're going to have a fabulous time!

we'll catch y'all when we're back!!


Wednesday, May 20, 2015

every evening...

... we have the most darling conversations at bedtime. bath and bedtime has always been taken care of by daniel. he would always try to rush home in time to catch that pocket of time with bubbaboo. he is much better at unwinding and i can hear them chat debrief about the day that just passed.

recently, we started arguing "i love you more." "no! I love you MORE!" "i love you more the most!" "i love you first!" "no, mama i love you first." and such! all sweet nothings but it puts a smile to my face. and always resets all the cheekiness or frustration that has accumulated in the day and ends with a mountain of kisses before the end of day.

tonight, it occurred to me that there will be many things in life he would be much better than we are in life. but this i would always have the upper hand. i will always love him more. and have loved him first and when he wakes up the next morning, i will always love him even more than before.



Tuesday, May 19, 2015

in paris :: jardin du luxembourg

one of the highlights of our trips that i had earmarked from hearing one too many people tell me it's a must-do with kids is jardin du luxembourg!

the kids had a lovely time in the playground (or as our hosts secret-coded it "PG". by the end of the trip, the kids started calling it "PG" as well)!

B's into flying foxes since we've been in the UK! this one was epic! i would have loved to have a go at it! 

with their lovely papas!!

the playground broken down by age groups! was a lovely idea with age appropriate climbing obstacles!! 

bustling with activity! i reckon we could have spent a much longer time here! except we were hoping to get these kiddos on the pony rides!!!

luli the pro and our silly guy swimming in his helmet!

he had such a lovely first pony ride! such a spoilt little fella!! it doesn't get much more classic than jardin du luxembourg, y'know!?

beautiful afternoon to be out after a huge rain! everyone was out and pulled chairs in all direction to soak in the sunshine!!

we ran around with stick a bit more in the garden to work off some energy! 

and looked at the photo exhibit surrounding the garden on our way out! they change monthly!! such a lovely effort!!

and wandered around the gorgeous parisien streets a little bit more as we found a weekend market and picked up a lovely picnic for dinner.

the sun setting at close to 9pm! not great for kiddy bedtime but you're only in paris for that many days, eh!? 

wished we had more time with our friends! to see more of how they live, what made paris work as a city and see the city a little more thoroughly, understand the little quirks a little more intimately! but c'est la vie! just means we have to come back! 


Monday, May 18, 2015

in paris :: all the classics!

i've come to realize that most of my pictures were from one day! had to be broken down into parts because we covered so many places! and did so much despite the rain and the strollers!

we came close to the lourve but thought it would be naive of us to believe that we can enjoy art with these cheekies in tow! we'll have to come back and spend one whole day while we're in the mood! 

blake was obsessed with fountains and bridges and muddy puddles! completely oblivious of the beautiful architecture and history that surrounded him!! ah well...

at least he had his little pal with him to appreciate the small everyday things like spotting dogs on the streets and police car that zoom by and drinking fountains that they could stop at to take a sip of water!

they were very appreciative of classical music and did a little interpretive modern choreo on the spot! very spontaneous and people didn't seem to mind, thankfully!

they took a walk on the bridge of locks and we teased them that they could return next time when they're adults!!

can't deal with them two! 

we have a friend who ended up marrying her childhood sweetheart! one of the most romantic things we've heard! i didn't want to be presumptuous and weird and start matchmaking them.. but let's just say that if blake ever finds someone as perfect as luli, i would be a very very happy mom. 

we spent a lot of time keeping them apart (even though we do not own a double stroller!) 

very few pictures of our lovely hosts! who were not judgey when we said we weren't keen to do tourist things!! 

wandered back to jardin du luxembourg after we convinced blake that he needed a snooze!! (look at my triumphant goofball grin!) because of what was waiting for us...

this amazing lucious hot chocolate! so rich and sinful only to be paired with...

some equally sinful icecream!! can't recommend that enough! if you're headed to the museum or to the gardens, make sure you make a pit stop here! the walking will work off the calories. i think. or at least thats what i told myself! hahah!!


Friday, May 15, 2015

mommy win moment!

since he was born, blake has a strong and independent streak. even when he was nursing, he would nuzzle close for however long he needed to fill his belly, then shove his hand to the boob to say he is done and roll back to sleep. when sleepy, you pop him into the crib (in recent months, he climbs in) and sleeps on his own. and will cuddle you for as long as you've asked for, then squirms and runs off. has always been the case. 

and when school came around, he was happy as larry. we had more tearfree drop off than emotional one. and when he was sad, his teachers always assured us that it lasted as long as it took us to walk out of the door. and sleepovers, staycations, long vacations away from us... been there done that since he was little. so i always wondered if this child of ours would pick his bag for college and we'd never hear from him ever again!

just yesterday, i was picking him up from school and he was on his teacher's lap teary eyed. and when we got into the car, i asked him, "why were you crying, booboo?" and his response was "... i was crying because i love you so much."

wahahhaa he loves me still i guess!! 

have a lovely weekend, yall!! hope you love someone so much it makes you want to have a random sob anytime of the day! i know i do! :)