Thursday, November 20, 2014

we got new gear!!

on our recent trip back to japan, daniel gave his photography gear a little freshen up! 

it's darling to see him excited about small things like that. on the first day we touched down, we scurried out for a quick lunch before rounding us back to our hotel for a proper snooze (cos we caught the red-eye!) and in that time, he'd gone to evaluate his old gear/lens, sold it, use credit to buy the new pieces he had in mind and made it back to take darling pictures of his sleeping bub! 

all done in one nap time! :) how very efficient and enthusiastic! gotta love this guy!! he's so predictable and easy to please!! 


Wednesday, November 19, 2014

its the most wonderful time of the year...

might have been the chilly cool air last week or the abundance of twinkle lights that surround us but i've officially requested daniel to switch on the christmas carols in the house!! 

such a charmed time of the year as we wind down and spend more time with family and loved ones! i can't wait to share this lovely christmas cheer with blake! and see his eyes in awe when he wakes up on christmas morning! :)

in the meantime, isn't this video THE CUTEST!?


Tuesday, November 18, 2014

do what you love. always.

i've been thinking recently... about life and about decisions we make in life. 

as we get older, and more set we are in our routines. we put aside more and more of what made us special for other priorities that pop up in life. your partner, your family, savings, career... and not before long, you neglect the person you once were and lose that passion in life. 

more often than not, you end up making practical decisions. you make excuses for not doing what makes you happy. and in turn, it eats into your happiness. and it take a life changing event for you to put it all down and make drastic changes. 

but why do we need that one big push in life? why can't we already live life with passion. and excitement and always chase after what makes us happy?! 

we're sure as hell gonna throw caution in the wind and start living by that motto. cos we're young. and free. and so blessed to have health. just typing it out make me super excited to put our plans in place and start living it! :) 


Monday, November 17, 2014

one of those lazy evenings...

when blakie was littler, i used to diligently organize little playdates, explore playgrounds and plan classes for him! somehow with school filling most of his day, i find myself stuck with a small pocket in the evening with blake. it's usually such a short and precious chunk of time that i've had to give up my need to do something new or different and just go with the flow. 

and this is how we usually end up!! at the laundromat! :) 

not specifically the laundromat all the time. but anything that catches his fancy. sometimes its an extra long walk to see turtles on our way home, sometimes we make up an adventure at the supermarket. and somedays, we round up one of his little pal and do something simple and easy! in picture is one of his favorite little pal, luli. 

there's something special about luli and blake. they behave like twins. they have their own odd sense of humor. love mirroring each other, bicker like married couples.. they are the funniest little friends! 

that evening, we were suckered into a boat ride down the river ($3 only!) we had no clue where we were headed frankly but it was part of the charm!! 

they had such a fabulous time floating by the river, pretending they spotted fishies, laughing at the merlion and piggybacking across the bridge that we stretched bedtime a wee bit more so they could have dinner together by the boardwalk at esplanade. we also caught up with daniel who then turned into a babysitter chasing the kiddos around! win-win situation!

just watching them play made such a perfect evening. i will forever be grateful for these little things in life. 


Thursday, November 13, 2014

our littlest :: the little foodie

i've had quite a few people email me asking to write about how blake is such a hearty eater. and what he enjoys. thought to write it all down so i don't have to retype this. and also so i can laugh enviously at this next time when he choses to be picky!! disclaimer :: not genius parents here! so this is what worked for blakie! but not to be taken as a parenting guide. 

we think that most of his affinity to food is self-motivated. neither of us are major foodies. in fact, growing up, we were both picky eaters! so its nice that he didn't pick that up from us. 

let's start from the beginning :: 

when we first introduced blake to food, we agreed on a few things. we wanted a kid that ate what we ate. we didn't have resources to muck around with organic food. we didn't want negative food associations. 

so that said, when we introduced food to him, we never made it a huge deal. if he ate, he ate. if he didn't, he had more milk. he was never a "good boy" if he ate. and never a "bad kid" if he didn't. if he was interested (which he usually was), we always let him try anything we were having. and if he doesn't like it, we never forced it. we kept in mind what he didn't enjoy and would introduce it to him again in a different way. 

when he turned one, we decided that that was our cue to let him loose. we started introducing more interesting flavors and cuisines. we would always tell him what he was eating, talked about it and encouraged him to try. because of that, he is familiar with spicy flavors and textures. out of laziness, we also didn't have baby crockery. he used a mish mash of adult cutlery, drank from a proper glass and ate with fork and knife/spoon/chopstick and mostly, his grubby fingers. i think that made eating a little more appealing for him!

there's really no magic formula! we try to stick to healthy-ish food and always have fresh fruit at home. but truth is, i hardly cook at home and definitely not a special serve of baby-fied food for him. so he never had a chance to be fixated on a certain food! his food of the moment always changes!

we've got school and our diverse family to thank as well. he has different cuisines when he hangs out with different people. and everyone reports back with new food he tries. great team work there!

when we travel, we bring a few snacks and a banana with us always in case we are stuck! but other than that, he's pretty game to eat anything! in his own words, if he doesn't have toast, "blakie eat RAMEN for brekkie! yay!" lol

p.s. we never mess with food. when he starts pushing food around or playing with food, we take it away. i rather him go to bed hungry than start spitting out food. hate that.