Wednesday, November 26, 2014

nectar and stone, australia

while we were gallivanting in sydney, my best friend (who is the best thing on earth) sent us a surprise package. just because!

and it was the PRETTIEST thing!! 

it was hard to get started on it... and i was 100% sure it would taste like crap because y'know pretty things take time so obviously anything that has been decorated on for ages can't be that awesome, no? 

but what do i know about baking? its was every bit as delicious as it's beautiful!

shame i can't get my daily fix while we're in singapore! im still nursing my massive crush. here's their nectar and stone's instagram account for more eye candy. and real candy....

p.s. thanks babe! you're as cute as they are! 


Tuesday, November 25, 2014

hello world, here we come!

this gorgeous handpainted globe from anthropologie reminds me of our first love - to explore the world together. im super pumped after our recent trip with bubba that now our nomadic lifestyle can resume! the flights don't scare me as much (thank you, in-flight entertainment) and the exploration is set at a more relaxed pace (to include time to run in parks and discover new play areas) but that's a compromise, i'm happy to deal with in exchange for having blake with us. 

i don't know how to explain this eloquently. but even though we were never clingy parents with very little separation anxiety, we often feel like if its at all possible to have blake in tow, we'd prefer that. we used to do that with musashi too! its way more convenient to chuck them at home with family, frankly. but if we didn't take them (especially blake) with us, who will teach them how to travel, how to dine in nice places and how to behave in public. and if they're not going to learn that, how would we be able to enjoy that as a family in future? 

so we try.

if there is nothing else, we achieved this year.. we regained our wings! can't wait for the trips we've planned next year!!


Sunday, November 23, 2014

the weekends are for...

hanging all the christmas baubles up and snoozing! 

while we hear stories of other kiddies pulling ornaments down and dictating what to put up.... we had one that was completely disinterested and the other napping through this whole festive occasion!!

but later in the evening we found both of them under the tree staring up at the twinkling lights like i used to (and still do) as a kid!! dawww, my muffincakes!

it's starting to look like christmas in the house! just a few more little additions and we're all set this year! 


Thursday, November 20, 2014

we got new gear!!

on our recent trip back to japan, daniel gave his photography gear a little freshen up! 

it's darling to see him excited about small things like that. on the first day we touched down, we scurried out for a quick lunch before rounding us back to our hotel for a proper snooze (cos we caught the red-eye!) and in that time, he'd gone to evaluate his old gear/lens, sold it, use credit to buy the new pieces he had in mind and made it back to take darling pictures of his sleeping bub! 

all done in one nap time! :) how very efficient and enthusiastic! gotta love this guy!! he's so predictable and easy to please!! 


Wednesday, November 19, 2014

its the most wonderful time of the year...

might have been the chilly cool air last week or the abundance of twinkle lights that surround us but i've officially requested daniel to switch on the christmas carols in the house!! 

such a charmed time of the year as we wind down and spend more time with family and loved ones! i can't wait to share this lovely christmas cheer with blake! and see his eyes in awe when he wakes up on christmas morning! :)

in the meantime, isn't this video THE CUTEST!?