Tuesday, September 2, 2014

grow through life...

i have a girlfriend who, bless her heart, speak in quotes!! as much as she's hilarious, she is also such an awesome inspiration and always sending me craft ideas or gorgeous pictures just because... 

her latest words of wisdom "don't go through life, GROW through life." 

what an amazing influence to have around, eh? its far better than receiving flowers, i reckon! im so lucky to have her around! 


Monday, September 1, 2014

DIY picture frames...

ive been a little apprehensive about wall art. i like the idea of it but im extremely fickle and not want to mount something on the wall without me LOVING it. maybe because drilling into concrete feels very final! :) 

i've been taping things i love on the wall using washi, rather sheepishly... feeling a little dorm room like! but this idea! is way cuter, don't you think? 

(and more excuse to go washi tape shopping!! teehee!) 


never get tired of these two...

thank you dad for the picture!


Friday, August 29, 2014

back to cambodia...

 whenever we tell our new friends we used to lived in phnom penh, its a mix of disbelief and sympathy.. its hard to marry living in huge concrete cities like tokyo/singapore and rickety old dusty phnom penh. but i always say it with pride!

we often wonder if we'd be able to live there again (don't panic. no drastic plans at the moment) and wonder how life would be like raising a child in cambodia. so when an opportunity popped up to take a short trip somewhere, we both decided a visit back to our old stomping ground was in the order.

and man! things have changed!! this is one of the many gorgeous cafes that have popped up like mushrooms in our neighborhood and right around the corner from our apartment... YA KUN COFFEE!! we about died laughing. 

some awesome things didn't change though. like our old spa was right where we left it. in the name of market research, we HAD to go get our usual massage just to see if its the same! :) and our tailor guys, our supermarket (the shonky parking dudes outside), the incessant haggling of tuktuk drivers, the markets and all those things we loved and missed so much! we also snuck in a few new places to explore. (thank you, kaelyn!)

at the end of three days, we felt like we've squeezed in two years worth of favorites in one weekend and were spoilt silly. we often ask ourselves if we had the choice, would we do it again! and the answer will always be ...

"yes. in a heartbeat." 


Wednesday, August 27, 2014

top question :: how's work?!

one of the top questions i get from readers and friends these days is... "how is work?". i don't know why! :) maybe because i was such a adamant supporter of being here for blake (sit me down, and i will tell you 10 reasons why i missed work but at the same time, why its worth the sacrifice. im a walking ball of contradiction!) and then suddenly i went back to work. like suddenly! :) 

or maybe because i still look like i'm still partying a bit too hard with booboo! and makes everyone wonder... when is she working!?!

well, work's been great. i just settling in to my new routine. daniel and my parents pulls extra shifts when i have odd meetings here and there. i do rush around a bit more and have neglected my facials, massages and nail appointments. but i feel a lot more balanced and purposeful. and when boo is back from school, i am all his. i put aside my work, plan little adventures to fill his afternoon and keep up with the playdates we used to go to. i've had to weed out a few less important social obligations but i don't blame that on work. just how life is sometimes! 

and blake's been enjoying the perks of work, an occasional peppa pig video (5 mins of peace to send out a quick email), fun crafts, samples to try on and a tonne of shopping i've done in the name of "RESEARCH"! lol 

so it's been good. i wished i had more time but i also recognize that my primary role is to be there for my boys, the big, the little and the needy. so work's been great, can't ask for more in life!