Wednesday, July 23, 2014

an afternoon at the choo choo train playground

this train playground is one of blakie's favorite places! we're here all the time but some time ago, we got daddies to come along to help us chase after the sillies and take pictures...

the best things in his life in one picture. playground and his favorite korkor!

even though it was a scorcher, we had darling nica with us!! blake has a major crush on sweetie pie nica! each time someone says "meimei nica!" he will respond with "pretty." complete with bashful eyes...
(heh! im sure he will thank me in 15 years for sharing his secret...)

this playground is perfect for vehicle obsessed boys! there is a massive train they can climb around in, flying fox, slides of all shape and sizes and i love that it has a bit of sand play too!!

korkor matteo is the sweetest! he's always looked out for blake and even though he's only one year older, is always helping bubba out with everything! just as a korkor should!

so sweaty chasing after our munchkins! but always fun (and noisy) in each other's company!

ok. this picture is kinda epic. blake is definitely not a touchy feely kinda baby. i know he loves me but i only get cuddles when he is ill. so its something super special when he hugs korkor matteo!! 

it makes me SO incredibly happy to see them hang out! hope they grow up loving each other as much as they do now! 


Monday, July 21, 2014

all about cute nails...

officially the cutest nails this summer!!!

i just got my nails done and in the spirit of trying something different and new, i chose this color changing nail color its a beautiful teal green that turns into a charcoal grey! and to match with the grey, my tooties are in a similar shade of grey. so all was great until i stepped out of my nail place only to realize that it DOES NOT FREAKIN WORK!! 

so i had to live with 2 weeks of mismatching nails and a reminder of my failed attempt to be creative with my nails! next time, im just going to stick to my classic reds or nudes!!


Sunday, July 20, 2014

if you fancy some plates ... ** given to a good home!!**

as with most things in our home, we are white plain crockery kinda people! very unexciting, i know but i'm very indecisive when it comes to prints so we've stuck to the boring! 

as we're readying ourselves for the move, we've found ourselves with a few too many plates so if you would like them, please drop me an email at 

we have (8) dinner plates, (8) side plates and (8) shallow bowls! they came with the new place but we have the same dishes already. if we're not wrong, they're from ikea and no visible cracks or chips! so come pick them up from our home if you'd like! 

happy sunday! 


Friday, July 18, 2014

a behind-the-scenes photo shoot and a little update ...

blake was invited to a photoshoot for le petit society's latest whimsical safari collection. we rocked up bright and early (8am!!) because he's the least fussy early in the morning! and he was reasonably cooperative!  

"who me? what did i do?" 

we got to meet a few other cuties in the shoot and even got daniel to pose with blake for a few shots! a few days before the shoot, we were meeting up for coffee and out of the blue, robyn (from le petit society) asked me if i'd like to join her team!!!

frankly back then, i was a tad bit reluctant. i had just gotten the first bits of "freedom" (ie blake just started school) and i was SO pleased just running around town doing something for myself. but i felt like i owed it to myself to think about it at least. so i went home with the news and told the husband and a few close friends! they LOVED it! 

it was something i've never done before but am immensely interested in. and all thanks to blake, im constantly browsing websites for craft ideas and kiddy fashion! i even have a girlfriend who made me promise that i'd consult her before i quit!

so with no excuse to turn it down, i accepted the role as pr and marketing director (so grown up sounding!) and i will also be working on their blog (which i LOVE!!!). it has been a month so far and im absolutely sure that it was the best decision ever! it has reignited a part of me that has taken backseat to our family since we had blake. but to breakdown why it's been awesome!

one - i love the people i work with. they are all extremely passionate and dedicated to the cause! i have so much to learn from them! 

two - because we all have kids, we are also ethically committed to provide the safest and best for other kiddos alike. 

three - family comes first. in the company, we aim to be there for our family so even when we have meetings we do so in the mornings while our kids are in school and try to efficiently wrap up before 12noon! the highest volume of emails happen between 9-12, 1-3 and after 7pm! if you're a parent, you know that that's school, nap and post-bedtime so we don't miss out on waking moments with our little ones... and even though its flexi-time, we make up for it by working more efficiently! i LOVE that i don't have to choose between my family and work. 

my first pop up event at zouk!

you can hear more about what happens behind the scenes and updates on le petit society here so this is not me trying to promote what we sell. but i've been hearing a lot of negativity comparing full time working moms to stay at home moms... i don't think there should be any comparison at all. each of them is freakin' hard work in and no one should be given flake for simply trying their very best. 

as always, im extremely very lucky to turn something i started for fun into a career... everyday, im learning a new skill and invigorated by what life has to offer. that, all thanks to you readers... im very grateful and blessed. and there's a lot to be said about a company that aims to provide that for moms that are all just trying their very best!!! im so proud to be part of team le petit society! 

thanks for having me, guys! :) 


Thursday, July 17, 2014

putting poochie in first place

a while back, i spoke to an interior decorator about fitting all our things into our small space. and his suggestion was to build a loft and put muu up there! so he gets his own spot, is visible to everyone and feels special... i knew instantly it would NOT work for this special puppybear because he wants to be nowhere other than snuggled at my feet (and is! as we speak)...

but it got me thinking how to make muu feel important! in our current space, his pen is the first thing you see when you open the door. so no one gets into the house without saying hey to him or letting him out to run... we liked it... BUT aesthetically it was awful!

check out the marble food bowl!?

we'll probably custom make his own pet bed so he gets to chill with us in the living room and there is a demarcated "blake no go" zone!! what pride of place does your pet take in the house?