Wednesday, August 20, 2014

loves :: thief & bandit

i blame it on work but i've been so inspired by the world of children clothes! it's some sort of a reversal, i reckon! i always thought we'd draw inspiration from our clothes and dress blake (daniel's rule of the thumb is :: i won't put blake in anything i won't wear. which kinda explains why this happens a lot. and this. and this!!). 

BUT recently, i've been spotting a lot of little kiddos' clothes that im all "do they have adult sizes!?" and if not, "can i SQUEEEEEZE into size 14?" very very mature of me! :) 

i mean how cool is this skater dude from bandit and thief? 

and this is the mama/adult version!! 

and this adorable maxi dress that i'd totally buy for myself comes in kid harem pants and shorts!! 
oh dear, its like they read my mind! 

{all images and clothes from thief and bandit}


Tuesday, August 19, 2014

tokyo is always a good idea...

i was deleting pictures from my camera when i found these happy snap of our girlie trip to tokyo last month. it was meant to be a quick short weekend trip but somehow when we looked at our itinerary, it ended up being more like a week!! 

and i had THE BEST TIME! i don't know if it was something in the air or the company or the fact that i have none of my boys with me... but the liberation and novelty of being able to do anything i want, anytime, added a spring to my step and i swear i had that silly grin on my face all week.

hello shopping bags and buddies!

tokyo was charming as always.. and i won't go swooning about how cute everything is. but it never disappoints!

i had a lovely time tagging along to coffee joints that i've never seen before, fancy sushi places i've walked past but never knew and shopped like a mad woman on the loose.

i also snuck in an "off day" to run off to meet my friend and squeeze in a bit of fabric shopping!! everything was same same but so different! i love bumping into my handsome fabric cutting dude who gave me a wink! :)

 i have a little confession. i didn't miss the boys as much as i thought i would! me being the dramatic one in the family thought i would be hugging their picture to sleep and sobbing my eyes out (like i used to when i went on vacations without muumuu..) but this time, it was all good!! maybe it was the midnight ramen noodles that soothed my soul...

couldn't have asked for better company than these ladies (in matchy shoes no less)!! i came home all happy and big grin smiley ready to love my boys a little bit more! so i guess that means i should go on girlie trips more often, right? 

p.s. thank you daniel and mum for bravely taking over the fort!! 


Monday, August 18, 2014

national day weekend

we had a few groups of friends over on national day weekend. it was also our house-warming of sorts and because we're weird to gifts, we didn't have a registry or made it a huge deal so people felt like they had to come with something. instead, they all came to hang out, perch on our cold hard bare floors and filled our home with laughter and love..

truly the best kinda housewarming gift we could ask for... 

by the end of the weekend, we had crumbs all over, we no longer cared that it was not showroom- perfect and we HAD to pop out to buy our first proper vacuum but it's all good!!

this little guy, antwone, was our first official sleepover guest!!

my family also rocked up in full force in red and white to celebrate and fill our tables asian-style with TONNES of yummy food! we didn't even have to clean up after!! family is THE best!! and they all stayed to watch two massive rounds of fireworks! it was stunning and we had the best time!

we also realized that our kiddos THRIVE with attention, no whinging, no odd pee-cidents (sorry. probably tmi but we have boys... y'know!), no fights... nothing! its like they didn't exist! such party animals! :) 

and so, our new life begins!

p.s. for our friends who haven't visited, please come! you were not uninvited from some awesome top-10 favorite pals only party... we just prefer to do small little dos. anyway, you're still very loved! kisses kisses!! come play, ok?


Thursday, August 14, 2014

racial harmony day...

lil pumpkin celebrated his first racial harmony day in school last week! 

we were told to wear a national costume and out of pure laziness, we dressed him up in a happi that i picked up from my recent trip in tokyo. and as part of the celebration, we were asked if we'd like to contribute something for the school party!! i popped to the markets to pick up some steam cakies (that blake loves!!) and plonked them on a serving dish! and officially became the laziest mom ever ever!! :)

that afternoon, when blake came home from school, he was very interested to know "where are you from?". he asked our chair. he asked me. he asked muumuu. and when they didn't respond, he would decide "you are BRAZILIAN!" lol 

i guess with the multi-racial mix of his schoolmates, they must have learnt that everyone is from somewhere! im not sure it really matters to kids this young but he came back with a singapore tattoo on his arm, an australian flag sticker for his "amma" (daniel's mom) and america smacked right on his forehead (don't know about that!). we're not particularly nationalistic nor do we bring up race a lot in our family. but i took this opportunity to explain to him that mama is from singapore and papa is from australia and he is from both! and in his school report card, his teachers laughed at how he was enthusiastic and ate way too many kinds of food! :) 

i hope it makes more sense to him one day. and he'll grow up learning that its not the difference that is  important or worth flaunting but what's common that brings us together. 


Wednesday, August 13, 2014

playing with cardboard...

you know we're going through a cardboard phase right? there's the doggie house, i made one framing blake's crib and his little mushroom chair... safe to say, it's become a THING!

{source :: apartment therapy}

but THIS is something else, isn't it? 

we'll get over this cardboard craze in a bitty. cos its starting to feel like we're living with with a bunch of hobos! lol