Sunday, July 5, 2015

afternoon in hyde park

we'd agreed to meet up with blake's auntie stef (d's aunt) for a late afternoon run around hyde park and blake was most excited. they'd last met when he was five months ago in perth and now we're all in a whole new place. 

that's something about family. even when you've been apart for so long, you snap right back into action. B kept calling her "my friend stef" and it was so nice that she didn't mind taking blake to the princess diana memorial playground and get all grubby with him even before a huge date. bless!!

and that playground is just something else! blake had such a great time climbing in and out and finding little holes here and there to crawl through! we found sand in very special places for many days to come! 

that afternoon made me think about moving away from home. even if its for a little bit! it's such a huge step in anyone's life. away from your comfort zone, people you're familiar with, the food you love and all the comforts that have been around. but yet such an absolutely necessary part of growing up. jobs you never knew existed. stereotypes you grew up thinking but is not true at all, people you will love that you never thought was possible. its when you know what is out there that you make wise and calculated decisions what is for you, who you need in your life and very fundamental things like where is home. 

i remember the first time i left home proper, leaving my family, my (then) boyfriend, friends behind and sitting in the beautiful fields of swiss alps thinking "now what do i want to do." the liberation i felt and how small i am was staggering. and frankly, never looked back. im so grateful to have met D who is my steadfast constant in all the life changes we choose and have, in our close circles, friends that inspire us to explore and challenge ourselves every so often. 

and what i'd give to pass on that sense of adventure and truly be a citizen of the world. 

oh my little bubs. if only you knew what's out there waiting on you! and i promise you it would be so awesome and beyond even our wildest imaginations. and stef, we'll see you in some place different next time! ;) 


Monday, June 29, 2015

our littlest :: PTA in school

oh hello!

it's been a long while and i've been buried in work, blake and all that everyday life brings. just to put things in perspective, we could edit our pictures the day of. and since we've been back, we are still processing copenhagen vacation pictures and have hardly touched out cameras. i think something is really wrong... and something's gotta change. 

we just had a PTA with bubba's teachers and love how serious they are about his "academic process". *sniggers* i mean, he is really still two year old and has problems containing his excitement when he see a nice car, ice cream or a cute dog. i do feel like it is a tad bit young to discuss academic achievements. 

but his adorable teachers put on their serious face, sat us down, and gave us two powerpoint presentations of his progress (in different languages) and a run down of his developmental milestones. in summary, he's a regular active boy, hits his milestones, motivated by food and is very articulate (ie chatty). he is picking up his languages beautifully, not ready for writing but we need to work on his interest in mandarin language. depending on his mood, he will have an entire conversation translating his answers into english. (effectively bilingual, tick!)

we had a chat with his japanese teacher too. and that was the icing on the cake. he recognizes certain japanese characters in everyday things, is bossy in class (tells his friend "follow akemi-sensei!"), tries to keep up with the activities and basically is a ball in class... but japanese skills not up to scratch!! the japanese review had all of us, including sensei in tears! oh well, bubba! at least you're having fun! 

so that rounds up an entire year in school, my love!! we're so proud of you and if nothing else, you have such a rad bunch of friends to grow up with! 


Wednesday, June 17, 2015

London Transport Museum

boys... such predictable creatures! blake is all about his vehicles from a very young age, he's naturally been drawn to things with wheels and more specifically wheels with loud noises - ambulances, fire trucks, trains. it is dead clear that things with wheels is his love language. so when we had a weekend in london to kill. we knew that we had to spend some time at the london transport museum. 

we'd thought to catch a red bus there to complete the experience but completely forgot and took a long walk early morning instead! 

good thing there were no short of buses to explore that morning!

thought it was great that the tickets allowed kids entry for the entire year so it would be such a nice rainy day activity for londoners! we kept our tickets just in case we go back within the year! you never know!! :)

blake spent a long time fixing a faulty train with other kids. and just as we were about it leave... he found yet another awesome corner of boats and cabs and other corners to climb into. to leisurely cover the entire area, it would take an entire day! 

trains and such with his little friends!! loved the london specific attractions and was hoping to pick some up for his train set at home!! 

then off to the area for some lobster!! where bubba tried, loved and inhaled his first ever entire lobster roll. the servers were rather amused by how hungry he was!! ah it's the good life, my lucky ducky!


Tuesday, June 9, 2015

UK :: peppa pig world

our trip to the UK was very timely because blake is at the height of his peppa pig craze (or at least i hope this is the height...) and there we were surround by peppa everywhere we went. she was in bookstores, restaurants, bakeries, supermarkets.... everywhere!

but we knew it would never be complete without a visit to peppa pig world at paulton. lucky for us, it was in our side of the world so it made an easy morning drive and we didn't tell him where we were headed so his face was pretty glum until we started entering the grounds into the carpark when he started shrieking! it was the happiest sounds ever!

not quite knowing how his first theme park experience would go, paulton was perfect because other than peppa pig world (which was obviously the highlight for most kids), there were other playgrounds and more adult friendly rides! so that was something to look forward to after we were done with peppa!

but yep. he was such a happy camper! not quite sure we grasped the concept of having to wait for our turn in the long lines but we survived. we arrived slightly earlier than the crowds so were able to get on a few rides without massive lines!

he was majorly stoked to see all his favorite characters in real life. and ride on grandpa pig's boat, cars and trains and hot air balloons. we were floored by the merchandising and how well themed this entire series is! 

he was really the happiest boy that day! 

invited to peppa's home for a breakfast of pancakes! 
(p.s. am i the only one that thinks daddy pig looks creepy!?)

ah! totally made his morning and he couldn't stop talking about it for days! by the time we left, my ears were ringing from screaming kids, sugared up meltdowns and that dang ole theme song they won't stop playing!! 

we'd thought that after all that peppa-piggyness he would be ready for nap so we could go on some rides. but he held tight! and wanted to join us! this is his first rollercoaster ride! very brave before we started but look at his FACE! wahahaha...

and an outdoor trampoline park and bouncy castle area in a quieter side of paulton! 

welcome to the wonderful world of theme parks, buddy! 
we'd be very sure to introduce it to you in small doses. 


Friday, June 5, 2015

be still.

{from pinterest}

from the time we touched down, i've been in slow motion. maybe it's the muggy heat (which we have confirmed is not just us being pretentious and milking vacay mode. its real, people.) or maybe its being back in our real life. i've been slow. 

which is rather unusual because im usually the high strung multi-tasker who is two steps ahead of myself and always in the fast lane. which got me thinking... part of what was nice about being away is getting to do things you love. you prioritize because time is short. and if it means skipping a kitchy child activity for a slow cup of coffee, we do it. so maybe those rules should apply in everyday lives too. 

this article from cup of jo really spoke to me too! i'll be trying to remember that. 

have a relaxing weekend!