Monday, October 20, 2014

in sydney :: grounds of alexandria

we decided that we'd wanted to go out on a playdate with erica and her babies! and thought to keep things as simple as possible so its less drama. and grounds of alexandria seemed to fit the bill. 

firstly, it was out of the city so parking would be easier, has a petting zoo, playarea and a nice restaurant that would be great on a weekday! have a fun morning to run around...


we picked the worst morning ever! it was a random weekday morning but it was school holiday that week for aussie kids so everyone and their mothers were there!! it took us 50 mins going around the block, while promising blakie some sheep to pat, to find a spot. and even when we did, it took us another 20 minutes to walk there! yikes.

and even though we made a reservation, we were so late and it was so jammed packed that we had to wait. but that said, it wasn't anyone's fault at this point. 

cutie tristan makes everything all better!

the grounds was jammed packed. and we had a great time running around but it was mayhem trying to keep everyone's babies and parents in check! but that said, the animals were darling and there were little stalls selling lemonade and bread to make the wait better. 

the food was pretty decent but it started storming so everyone wanted to take shelter! so we felt a little rushed throughout breakfast. and were even told that we had to order desserts to stay even though we had coffees on the way. and the kiddies got fidgety so they wanted to splash around in muddy puddles but they shut our sliding door so they couldn't. which in turn shut of the nice light and air flow. but maybe they didn't want them bringing the rain in... 

guess what? they did anyway! :) these cheeky monkeys figured away to walk around the restaurant to another side door to get their hands and toes wet... i miss watching them play!

and of course next thing we knew, EVERYTHING was wet!! hah!

anyway, we still had a great time with our friends even with the patchy service. but we'll know to visit during off-peak hours next time!! :) 


Thursday, October 16, 2014

in sydney :: beare park

because we had daniel's mum with us this trip, she was happy to nap with blake in the afternoon so we snuck out a lot. but when we came back, we'd always try to do something fun with blake before his early bedtime.

we had a few recommendations from the people we rented the house from and were keen to check them all out! beare park was particularly gorgeous! it was quieter and tucked in the middle of a nice residential estate. there were tonnes of boats to check out and the view was stunning!

and like most aussie parks, there was a small but pretty awesome playground for blake to run around in. and since it was pretty quiet, we could sneak in for some fun too!

we said hey to many doggies, rolled down the slope a couple times and took our time to watch the sun set (or in blake's world.. mr sun to say g'night!!) before grabbing burgers for dinner! it was such an easy way to spend an evening!! 

gotta love australia! 


Tuesday, October 14, 2014

our littlest :: two years old

woohoo baby boy is turning two!!

every time we sit back and watch him achieve something a new milestone with such ease, we look at each other and marvel at how far we've come. for the longest time, we were a little disgruntled. in love but definitely a bit whingey. because blake was not the easiest baby. he was demanding, hungry and always eager to do SOMETHING! 

but we can totally see how that's turn out in our favor now. we never had to push him to learn something new. he will ask to do it. like how he made me sing the alphabet song endlessly so he could learn it proper. or how he reminds himself of how daniel taught him how to climb "hands first, grip, place your foot and use your foot to help you climb.." and conquers almost anything he sets his heart to. and the eager to do something is perfect for our lifestyle! he's turned out to be adaptable and an easy kid to lug around! and the hungry.. . i love! :) 

here are a few things we'd like to remember of blakie at this age. 

health :: he's very robust little kid. he's apparently tall for his age but he is a skinny mini. amongst all our little friends, mister is the tiniest hovering around 11kg!! everyone meet him and will say "oh! he looks bigger in pictures!" but what he lacks in weight, he makes up in energy. 

:: personality :: 

blake is a happy bean. he won't sit in the corner to whinge. if there is something he thinks would make him happier, he will ask for it. he's straightforward and not shy if he needs help reading or needs a lift to reach something. we like that about him. out of respect, other parents or family will come to us asking if its ok to offer him a snack or if he'd like his drink warm or cold, we would always say "please ask blake." and he would let you know what he thinks!!

he's a crowd pleaser. he does what makes everyone happy. what really GETS to him, above time-outs and smacking, is telling him that you're disappointed in his behavior. he'd do anything to stay in our good books. 

we have also noticed that he plays like a single child. he has no problems bringing a few books or his toys to the corner to play on his own. also, my mum in law noticed that he's started play-pretending. he rides on his "boat" to pick up milk for us from the supermarket. or will sell us coffee or tea icecream from his store. and will sometimes ask for money so he can buy "something nice". and when muu doesn't want to play with him, he pretends that he is holding muu! lol the weirdest game ever!

:: in school ::

he's doing great in school. it has been a huge stabilizing force for blake. he comes home really happy and enjoys telling us about his friends and what everyone is up to. its cute to hear what's important in his day!

:: loves ::

food. loves his food. it makes going out with him very easy. as long as we have a meal/snack to look forward to (which in singapore, we always do because socially, we like to plan things around coffee or food!), he is good. he has no problems eating off our plate, is learning how to work the fork and knife. loves his sarnies, raisin toasts, pasta as much as he loves his fishball noodles, kuehs and mango sago.

trains. trucks. diggers. boats. bicycle. his favorite thing from taronga zoo was the skytrain. loves riding on an airplane. zooming by on bicycles or on his scooter. which is great and makes him a great traveller.

water. loves water play and swimming!

hanging with older kiddies. i think in his brain, he is a much older child. he enjoys talking and playing with older children. always in a rush to grow up.

frozen. bah humbug.

i had in mind to wean him off his bottle the day he turns two. but this bubba had his own plans for us. when he was ill with a stomach bug, he decided that it was the bottle that made him ill. so he weaned himself!! we were super excited because we were expected a long-drawn ugly battle. but he just decided one day, nope, no more. and now takes fresh milk from a cup! woohoo big boy!

ok we need to go to bed NOW! so we can wake up early and fill his room with balloons (as he requested!). 

our dear little baby, bundled in your sleepsack! we love you endlessly and like every night after we put you to sleep, can't wait to see you again tomorrow morning!! its going to be such a special year, my child. and we love you so so very much! 

mama, papa and muuskin!

Monday, October 13, 2014

in sydney :: bondi beach

we had such stunning weather while we were in sydney. they were just coming out of winter and enjoying the first few days of sunshine!

ok we totally didn't look it with our puffer vest and long everything all the time. but we did arrive from land of summer-all-year-round, yknow!?

even though it was not splashing in the sea weather, we thought we HAD to go to bondi! there were tonnes of great restaurants there and then there was...


and all our worries melted away... such a gorgeous way to spend the morning!

it was so beautiful i told daniel "maybe we should buy something here and come back every christmas". and he told me with a straight face "yeah! no one had that idea. so you really should." i blame it on the sea breeze but i didn't detect an ounce of sarcasm and got really excited... booo!!

i mean.. this view. is worth every penny!!

we had a long walk around the beach while blake dug sandcastles on the beach.. he was glued to his spot and didn't want to budge!

how could you deny your mum and blake of such joy, daniel! :)

p.s. i especially love this picture because while we were all in our winter blacks (so melbournian of them!), there are hot chicks in the background in their string bikini! lol! 


Thursday, October 9, 2014

in sydney :: messina and playdate surrey hills

we had a handful of people we wanted to catch up with while we were in sydney! 

and jiejie turtle loved hello kitty so we couldn't resist bringing her a few kitty goodies from singapore!!

sorry princess! none for you!!

we agreed to meet at messina. and this little mister finished almost all of my scoop of salted coconut icecream while i was chatting away!! oh well, if he has to eat sugar, it doesn't get much better than this!!

then we went around their hood exploring the playgrounds! blake was absolutely smitten by jiejie turtle!! they had such a great time chasing each other around!

absolutely ridiculous how bundled up we were even when the locals are in shorts!!

a sweet little cafe daniel and mum explored while we went playground hunting! they brought home a few too many treats for dinner and all of them were delicious! definitely a must-visit if you're in the hood!