Tuesday, March 3, 2015

maurie and eve

really digging their new spring 2015 collection in stores...

such a gorgeous drape on this dress! they're currently available on pre-orders!!

This one looks comfy!! with the right amount of leg!!

Can you tell that i'm feeling white these days!? 

oh! this one is stunning!! i'll probably need to do a bazillion crunches before i can wear it decently though!!! 

i've realized that i've been shopping online a lot in australia! maybe its a sign and its time to go back for a visit!!


Monday, March 2, 2015

quotes i love

let this be the quote that guides us through the rest of the year! :) 


obsessed with what's up moms...

i don't know how to describe this obsession but this channel is amazeballs and has me laughing all the time! it kinda helps that im not the only one that think this whole mothering business is HILARIOUS!! so uncontrollably frustrating and endearing at the same time! 

if you need a bit of mommy cheer, head this way! and if you don't have kids, don't watch! it will NOT make you feel clucky! lol 

have a great week ahead!


Friday, February 27, 2015

such a goofball...

we just got back from a snowy vacay with family and had the best of time. so it wasn't hard to expect a little bit of heat-induced blues as we head straight from the airport to school/work. we were all standing at the lift lobby feeling worse for wear and slumped over. when booboocakes asks the usual question "up or down?". and when D said "we're going down" referring to the lift... 

and this darling little one broke into song "... im yelling timber, you better move, you better DANCE! wooo-ooo-ooooooooo" (for the uninitiated video here!) and some fantastic dance moves in the lift! cracked us up right there and then!!

this kid is truly the gift that keeps giving! love him truckloads!


ready for a bit of a yay!?

hello you! how's life been treating you!? 

im in complete denial that its almost march! where did all that time go? someone once told me that you only have 900 weekends with your kid before they leave for college! that doesn't sound like a long time eh? 

this weekend we're spending some time with my old dance pals and kid and watching a chinese play at the esplanade and round off the weekend with a race! so much packed in and so much to look forward to! :) 

big hugs to y'all and hope you have a lot of yay in your lives!