Tuesday, October 6, 2015

kogai park and playground near hiroo tokyo

like most inner city, its hard to find a good playground. so when we picked to stay in roppongi area, we looked up a few neighborhood parks to explore in between bigger things or while we're waiting for meals. 

kogai park was a lovely space. nothing like the massive sprawling greens you'd expect in Australia but good enough for a little run around. there were climbing obstacle structures, slides and this zipline that babybear enjoyed a lot!

there were a few shady spots for childminders and parents to kick back and have coffee! and a little sandpit in the middle. Kids were playing in it but it looked suspiciously like a dog run so we kept him away from it.

and a lovely old school swing! don't see them around in singapore very much anymore. so that was good fun too!

address:: 3-12-1 nishiazabu, minato-ku, tokyo
closest station: hiroo (7 min walk from exit 3)

Friday, October 2, 2015

we are back!!

super stoked by the recent trip to tokyo! without sounding like a whinge the haze situation was getting to blake (he was on inhalants every four hours!! terrible!) so he needed a break and stretch our legs and run around a little!! 

and that's exactly what we did!

because it was tokyo, we didn't plan very much at all! just potter around, hang out with family and friends and revisit some of our favorite old haunts. and that was more than sufficient!

of course, the highlight of our trip was having family come down to tokyo to hang out with us. they don't live in tokyo so to make the effort with two toddlers in tow just to hang with us was so incredibly special. and having my sister in law with me made the whole trip so much more enjoyable. i didn't feel like i was wasting time at playgrounds when i have hilariously honest and wise person around to sound my thoughts. and though intense (i mean.. three kids!), at the end of their visit, felt very rejuvenated with fresh perspective of the world. 

and we got to spend this munchkin's third birthday with her. she's just a month ahead of blakie so we were both pregnant at the same time in japan! such a big girl now packed full of personality! 

blakie loves his auntie wine because she's always so doting! she's adorable whenever there's a treat to be given out, she wanted to be the one to hand it to blake so she can build her relationship with him. how adorably sweet!!

we are so grateful that tokyo still feels like a second home and we have that option for us to potter around and explore new things while feeling like its still home!! 

i've had a few people ask me for recommendations and i've been sheepish in suggesting things. embarrassed almost. because the places we had a ball at were all "oh that playground i always spotted and thought it would be cute to bring my future child here" or "that noodle place, so random, probably not spectacular but was our comfort meal." and "that gyoza uncle who saw us there every week. he NEEDS to meet our child!" :) 

but made us so very very happy to be back! ;)


Tuesday, September 22, 2015

just a little gutted...

just a little disappointed that we won't get to see this crochet playground in hakone open air museum. i guess it appealed to my grandma instincts (love crochet) and ever since i spotted it (back in the days, pre kid, one dog, time to take long baths... y'know all that good stuff?) i've wanted to go. and more specifically bring my (then imaginary) kid to have a jump around! 

but the season was not right, we prioritized shopping, this excuse, that... and now, its permanently removed!!! *bawl*

ah well. i know it doesn't mean a thing to blake but i really wanted him to see this! might just have to trek out to sapporo before its too late again!!

more of toshiko horiuchi's gorgeous crochet goodness here.


Monday, September 21, 2015

numero 74 canopy

i am OBSESSED with this silver grey canopy!!

and am convinced that blake needs one in his life!! 

 now wish me luck to track one down! cos its near to impossible!!



Thursday, September 17, 2015

zimmerman spring 2016

it's not everyday i can claim credit for being a fashion inspiration!

so when its MY day, i will flaunt it! 

what do i have in common with these gorgeous ladies on the zimmerman spring 2016 runway 
in new york fashion week? 



THAT crazy frizzy messy top bun!! now i can wear it proud and say that its current season!?