Sunday, April 20, 2014

happy monday finds!!

 i've been scouring the internet for home inspiration! diligently pinterest-ing cute images for our future home. yknow? pinterest makes me feel like a kid again! a whole world of possibilities and inspiration!!

i chanced upon this awesome home concept online store, nordicthink and have fallen in love!!

im obsessed with exposed lighting! its all the rage these days and i've seen them in almost every design magazine! but i really like it!!!

these shelves!!

chic wire baskets for pinecones and firewood because 1. we really need a good roaring fire in singapore and 2. blake won't empty out the contents and wear it on his head. :) 

these little guys.. i might have to get. it'll be perfect holding bubba's knick-knacks!

he's recently started collecting little bit and bobs from his walks, some days a leaf, a pebble, a ticket stub and a weird bunch of flower. its very cute and it'll be nice to be able to display his collection somewhere!

hope you have a lovely week ahead! 


Wednesday, April 9, 2014

little boo's toy of the day...

for someone so little, blakie has oodles of personality. 

it makes it hard to be ourselves at home these days. and by ourselves, i mean the iphone glued to my hip, potty-mouth and occasionally tantrum-y me. and the chips, beer and coke combination daniel! and lazing in bed all day with muu watching videos on the ipad!? no-no-no! all these perks of being adults all down the drain!! 

just the other day, i was getting blake ready to go out for a playdate. he was in the middle of setting up a puzzle and usually i would never touch him while he is focused on an activity BUT we were horrendously tardy! so i bribed him and told him he could pick a toy and take it with us. then i fussed around getting dressed and packing out "go"-bag! 

"mama", i felt someone tugging at my shorts..

and THIS was his choice of toy!!

i just about DIED laughing.

p.s. we lied and ended up bringing his train set instead. the pool noodle really didn't complement his outfit, y'know what i mean?


Tuesday, April 8, 2014

yilian ng floral atelier x mmerci encore

a while back, our girlfriend asked if daniel would help with some pictures! so very exciting because it meant that daniel could bring out his gear and mess around with his cameras, something he used to do more frequently. 

{little miss sunshine :: here}

the two lovely ladies rocked up with all these beautiful flowers and lovely handmade products in tow!! they were real pros that gave d proper instructions instead of my usual "just make it happy and bright! sharp here but blurry behind. thanks." it was super nice to sit back and watch d do this thing. i don't think i give him enough credit usually!!

{madama butterfly :: here}
but back to the important things!! for this mothers' day if you run out of ideas, this would be a sweet little package you and send to spoil your mama a little! 

{my fair lady :: here}

and my favorite bouquet of all is in my fair lady!! it's all the pinky and fluffy goodness you need in your life!! we had a lovely afternoon in our make pretend photoshoot! i mean i fulfilled my dream job of being a light reflector girl. i always had huge dreams! :P

flowers by yilianng & products by mmerciencore.


Monday, April 7, 2014

catching up with the (kiddy)trends....

after hearing all the kiddos around us go CRAZY about frozen (and watching youtube videos of their songs), we decided it was time we watched it too! :) and it was so fun!! i woke up this morning humming "do you wanna build a snowman?" 

this version of the song is pretty cool!!

all this made me wonder what's a good age to start blakie on movies! it would such a fun thing to do as a famliy but im not sure mr squirmypants would sit still for such a long time. maybe i'll give it a go at this mum and babes movie event! 

have a lovely week ahead! 


Friday, April 4, 2014

happy friday friends!

im sitting here in our darkened room watching the little people take a snooze. which by the way is the sweetest thing. the minute blake dozes off, muu comes out of his snugly corner and spoons blake. its all the cuteness i need in life.... sitting cross legged in front of my screen with my tea of the moment... rather aptly named "happiness" and catching up on some online reads! 

we have a sweet birthday party this weekend, a swim date and a weekend market to check out. maybe pick out some flowers or sneak in a foot rub some time!! all very simple things very super excited to spend some time with people we love. 

 {from pinterest}

hope you have a beautiful weekend too!