Wednesday, July 29, 2015

hurry up.

it was totally my fault but i was in a major rush. whoever thought that ordering one last dessert half hour before swim class needs a hard knock on her head. of course, it would be completely reasonable had we already been sitting in our bathers or already at the pool BUT no. i was a fair bit away from the pool. NOT retrieved or packed our swimming bag. NOT informed anyone we were running late. and to make things worse, NOT picked up the kiddo from school.

so we had all of two minutes to run from school, home, change, dash out, run to the pool and be serious about picking up swim strokes. and of course, this guy didn't get the memo. he took the most leisurely walk ever. and stopped at every pebble and flower and every single piece of trash along the way and told me "it makes me SO mad. someone forgot to throw it away in the rubbish bin." complete with dramatic eye roll.


and we were majorly late to swim class. one day when he is older. im going to get over this need to be the perfect mom and on time (cos i ain't even if i tried) and just say "look.. we're just not going to make it to swim class today. tough luck. let's just go have another dessert."

i dream of that one day!!


round up : copenhagen

i've concluded that when its silent around here, life is no good. not necessarily bad but just hectic and crazy.... only when i get a pocket of time to sit with a cup of coffee, pinterest and ponder. and type (mostly nonsense), go through pictures, laugh at my craziness...then life's ok.

well, things calmed down a little. i've got some routine going for B. pared back on a few exhausting errands that "had" to be done and set more manageable expectations. and now, am plonked on my couch with a cuppa! :) woohoo!

a few random pictures from copenhagen that i love. 

we were the happiest in copenhagen! the cycling, the playgrounds and the ease of food just set the mood right for vacation. i wished we didn't travel there on a public holiday weekend (we seem to always pick them!) and wished we knew about the copenhagen marathon (ran right past out apartment. you should've seen D's face!) but it just meant that we absolutely HAVE to come back!

our apartment (on airbnb here!) was brilliant and got loads of kid friendly suggestions from the owners! it's pretty clear to me how denmark nabbed top spot in the happiness scale

and with that, we were off to barcelona - a hot favorite back in the days to hang out with our friends! 


Thursday, July 23, 2015

racial harmony day

has it really been a year since THIS!?

this year, my mum bought him a moroccan outfit from her travels and his classmate had a turban he could borrow! so add some eyeliner (thanks auntie E!) and we have a little mustache! 

and we took some pictures before he was off on his merry way! everyone thought he looked indian which was perfect because his class was representing the indians and were making prata and drawing hennas the other kiddos who came visiting their room!! 

and when i picked him up in the arvo, he was drawing some sausages and prata!

such a lucky bunny to be growing up in such diverse cultures! even though at this age, its just good fun for dressing up, i do hope he will get it one day and appreciate the racial diversity in our little land! 


Monday, July 20, 2015


this morning, we were woken up but a germy little guy who was embarrassed he was awake before sunrise and hungry. didn't have the heart to be mad at him but he also couldn't settle back to sleep in our bed (because he doesn't sleep with company!) so we were all up and grumpy!

and now that i've sent the boys on their merry way, i feel a tad bit poorly of my morning attitude! martha stewart would have whipped up pancakes on the fly served with a huge smile... ah well. i'll have to strive to do better tomorrow and make up for it this evening!

missing a little adventure in our lives at the mo when our next trip is quite a fair bit away! here's an article i read online that suggests how to switch on vacation mode in everyday life! hope you have a great read. and now to coffee up and kick some serious butt this monday morning!


Tuesday, July 14, 2015

copenhagen :: tivoli gardens (and a little rant...)

our apartment was around the corner from tivoli gardens and it was such an iconic place that we had to pop in. even on a rainy day! 

the playground on the tivoli grounds is spectacular! it was truly built for kids of all ages! there were bits that i found challenging and boy did blake have a good time! 

i was crazy about this electronic bunny! kinda like the electronic vacuums that wander around the house with a sensor except with a fluffy tail! and when she got tired, she went back into her palace for a rest!

something bugged me big time this morning. a text message conversation among my oldest friends and as you do when you become a parent you end up discussing children. (sadly enough..) and then this whole annoying finger-pointy thing happened. i'll spare you the ugly details those poor bubbas that are just doing what they know best. and so are moms. but honestly, is it not in the nature of a female, mother and an old friend to be kinder than you'd expect from a stranger, not more critical? anyway, the child in question was not my kid so i was less aggressive than this mamabear is capable of. just be kind. with yourself, with your words, with the ones that love you. and if nothing kind is coming out of your mouth, it's truly okay to keep your thoughts to yourself. 

c'est tout. rant over!