Monday, December 22, 2014

indoor playgym in tokyo skytree - kodomo no yu

the last time we were visiting, a girlfriend recommended visiting tokyo skytree. it did sounds very touristy and we didn't even get to go to tokyo tower when we lived there even though we worked so close! so we were suspicious...

but we were out shopping in akachanpo in kinshicho (so awesome!) and spotted tokyo skytree up close. so since we didn't have plans we thought why not!? 

we walked down this charming backlane in blind faith that we'd get there!! it did look closer than it was but the weather was gorgeous and blake fell asleep on our walk there... 


so we went for an awesome sushi train lunch and ate slowly! it was infinitely yummier without blake trying to eat everything off my plate!

and then kept sleeping so we could check out the christmas market, stores and even pick up coffee!! such a nice treat!!!

so we thought we'd give him a little surprise when he woke up....

a THIS kind of surprise!

i won't kid. it was pretty awesome for us too! a spa-theme indoor play gym with the prettiest ball pen called kodomo no yu (more details and pictures on their website) and the theming is just perfect!! 

they had a parents area filled with  magazines and massage chair so you can watch your kid run around while you chill out and get a massage, and small toys around for younger babies to crawl around on the tatami.

and a play area for older kiddos to play pretend. this is blakie running a sushi stall...

and running his own takoyaki store! it was so much fun it was hard to get him to leave! we loved how well maintained the toys were and the staff were very attentive and helped keep an eye on blake! there were also "bathroom" style lockers for you to chuck your things so you can go handsfree for a while. a very welcomed break from a whole day of shopping!

a definitely must if you're in the neighborhood!! :)

there are also tonnes of restaurants, cute souvenir stores and our favorite burger joint - kuaina burgers has an outlet there too! so when in doubt you can have a dose of hawaii!! 


Thursday, December 18, 2014

a lil update on muumuu beans

a huge hello from muumuu! 

he's been on the low down this year and unfortunately its not that he's been busy on some huge craft project or seeing someone new. he has just been resting a lot. for the most part of this year, muu health has been like a rollercoaster. when he's good, he's happy and hopping around chasing blake like a bunny. but when he's bad... he's just lying there mopey all day!

we recently decided to look into alternative medicine - ie acupuncture to stimulate his hind leg which he has not been putting weight on... we were told by the last vet other than an operation or painkillers, basically, that's it. he's too little to hurt the other foot that he's been putting weight on so as long as he's happy, its alright to let him keep going. but we thought to get a second opinion after a few months just because our baby looks so broken with his three legged hop...

and there was bad news... he has an enlarged heart from old age, more of his injured leg has swelled and he's lost muscle mass. no acupuncture just yet. we need to address the other issues.... so he came home after a hefty bill, a day of blood tests with a box full of medicine. and weekly jabs of steroids and crazy things till forever.... and in most other respect, muu is the perfect child. but when it comes to meds, he is NOWHERE as chilled as blake is. he would not eat a single bit of his meds and even started rejecting his food. 

so this is it. we will keep trying till this round of antibiotics ends. and if there is no improvement (which might be the case), then we will not be pursuing it any further. sometimes the quality of life is more important than how long his life is. 

wish us luck! all we want this christmas is for him to have a clean bill of health. 


Wednesday, December 17, 2014

tokyo :: niko niko park

one of blake's favorite adventure was to niko niko park. 

i mean... how do you beat THIS!?

for 200 yen, this park is awesome value for money (and free for kiddos under 2) and perfect for a playdate which is probably why many parents use this as meeting point while their kids run wild. 

there is something fun for everyone, from crawling babies to older kiddos! 

blake spend a good two hours running around trying everything out a few times but he most enjoyed the massive slide which unfortunately meant that we had to climb up with him! a good workout for everyone!

niko niko park is walking distance from shinanomachi station (on the chuo line) and definitely stroller friendly! you can bring your own bento box and enjoy a lovely picnic after! 

whoever thought tokyo wasn't kid-friendly obviously have not hung out here!

remember to check the opening hours as they are open for a shorter time in winter months. and are quite strict with their last entry time! 


Monday, December 15, 2014

tokyo :: yotsuya fire station

a huge and heartfelt thank you for all you awesome people who checked on me after the last post. sorry its so cloak and daggers. not intentionally so but its not my story to tell and so i shan't. but i really appreciate the hugs and coffees and kind words i've received. its just a little helpless to know that you will never do enough to make up for it. but c'est la vie.. 

anyway, onto happier things... 

i have more pictures from our recent tokyo adventures! and seeing as many of you are traveling to tokyo this holiday season, and have asked for recommendations, this one is a WINNER!! especially if you have little boys!

i mean look at that smile! :) its worth a million bucks!

this is at the tokyo fire museum, right above yotsuya sanchome station (on the maranouchi line). its hilarious because we used to live in the hood and would pass this illusive building all the time seeing families with young kids stream in and out every single day. we have never set foot in there... NEVER. 

and who knew that this would be the highlight of blake's trip!! he loved riding in the helicopter (a real one!) and fire truck!!! and tonnes of awesome emergency vehicles! and the best part is... it was dead empty and free!!! so super awesome and unexpected adventure for the morning!

i mean... how much sexier does it get! lol

there are 6 levels of fire vehicle related exhibitions, remote control games and mock up of homes and all that good stuff. something fun for everyone. we had a failed go at remote control fire-fighting.. not our calling. 

funniest fireman ever! :) 

so if you're looking for something fun and free to do in tokyo with your little boy, this would be your best bet!!!


Wednesday, December 10, 2014

taking stock again...

as we come to the end of the year, i find myself running around like a headless chook trying to sort parties, presents, coordinating family visits all at one go. even though it kills me that we're going to be stuck in the sweltering heat this year end, i know deep down that it was the right decision. there's a reason why we are meant to be here... there are a few friends who need us around and a few other important but less sexy things to deal with. it's too heartbreaking to talk about it. 

and i realize that i always feel like i need to take stock of my life in times like that. 
just to remind me of what's important. 
and what's not. 

making:: effort for my friends. 
cooking:: dinners again. i always start cooking when im stressed. you have to see the look of bewilderment when my boys see me in the kitchen 
drinking:: green juice. blake's latest obsession and probably a good thing for all of us.
reading:: nothing! gosh!! it's been a bookless year! 
wanting:: broken hearts and lives to be fixed. good people don't deserve to be hurt. 
looking:: for a smart way to remind myself to bring a brolly everywhere. been stuck in the rain a few too many times.
playing:: with train sets all day. 
sewing:: christmas stocking. i must!!
wishing:: peace and courage to our dear friend. and keeping her in our prayers every night!
enjoying:: the precious conversations i have to blake. 
waiting:: for our appointment to see an acupuncturist for muu. it sounds crazy. but we're trying everything now. 
liking:: my new exercise routine!!
wondering:: what next year will bring.
loving:: daniel. he is still the best thing in my life. 
hoping:: that more mums see this. the best gift you can give your child is a loving marriage. nothing else matters compared to that. nothing. i would raise my kid on dry cereal if it meant i spend more time with my husband. 
marveling:: how quick this year zoomed past and i remember not much but how little blake was when the year started!
needing:: a good and long back rub!
smelling:: lemongrass and lemon. daniel's concoction to recreate a thai spa which he swears is the reason why b's been sleeping in. in our house, we do EVERYTHING to keep a sleeping child asleep.

wearing:: my jammies even thought yoga starts in half hour. PANIC!
following:: the fashion blogs i used to love again! im inspired to dress up more this coming year.
noticing:: knowing:: thinking:: how grateful i am that im surrounded by the right people. 
bookmarking:: some recipes to try when my MIL is in town (which is soon!!)
opening:: advent calendar presents with b every morning is such a joy! can't wait for his countdown!
giggling:: at how the husband told me he got my christmas present for him sorted. all i need to do is wrap. lol
feeling:: very blessed.