Friday, February 5, 2016

friday out with a girls (and boys and babies!)

popped into mulan art gallery to support our pal, eeshaun! and then off to bak kut teh with the regular gang and the little ones till late at night! it was really pushing bedtime but it was kinda lovely that as the size of our dining table grows (and the volume of noise we generate...), we are all still there loving each other 15 years later!!

my girlfriends are probably the best thing that came out of school!! :) 

p.s. sorry the only picture i found on their website was daniel! the girls and kids were pretty cute too! 


Wednesday, February 3, 2016

christmas shoot!

one of the things i love about blake's school is the parties they have! completely an inappropriate things to love but it means they get to dress up and have a fun little day with their friends! 

so whenever its party day (ie treats galore), the kiddies are extra pumped to get to school and we take the opportunity to dress them up a little! 

for christmas we were a little last minute!! inspired by our conversation at lunch, we went bat shit crazy shopping around in town for red and green stripes!! hahaha! and ended up having to sew our own leggings! but it was all worth it cos... 

our silly little christmas elves! 

wait till you see their chinese new year outfits!!


Thursday, January 28, 2016

diy :: cute wall art idea from moebe

i always like the idea of non committal wall art. maybe its a result of long term renting! or the fear of drilling into the walls... but it always appealed to the very fickle side of me!! (actually all of me is very fickle come to think of it...)

spotted this from hello little birdie interiors and thought what a brilliant idea it was!! 

and if you are not in australia, a pretty simple DIY too! 

{from moebe}


Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Thursday, January 21, 2016

eating through atlanta, ga

i reckon we must be really disappointing visitors. we want to do nothing touristy (cos we've been when we were little) and just hang. and visit everyday places and do everyday things! haha!

jen took us to a tonne of adorable bars and place to dine! one moment we were in an abandoned train station sampling oysters and next moment hotdogs in a craft beer bar! i must admit it was all perfectly planned around our peculiar tastes - hotdogs? beer? outlet shopping?

 but we did see a little bit of atlanta and fell completely in love! now i want to live there! (very common trend that makes D roll his eyes! im sure he's heard "lets move here!!" a billion times and no longer takes me seriously). but along the beltline, linking up the city through a lovely trail weaving through parks, residential spaces, filled with street art and installation and then... there were ponce city market!

where daniel met his lobster roll and pretty awesome utz chips - crab chips with chesapeake crab seasoning! yum!!! and me in the background with my asian food.. LOL

there was something for everyone! and all the most adorable stores like frye boots, madewell, anthro... love atlanta! why are you so trendy. and why did you steal my friend!?!? 

thanks jen! for having us and putting up with our fuddyduddy early bedtimes!! we miss you!!!